Nike Roshe Golf Shoes review

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes review

When it comes to golf shoes, traditionalists have always believed them to be stiff, heavy and largely over-priced. But with the advent of Nike’s Roshe Golf Shoes, that has all changed. Not only are they ultra lightweight helping you take those extra steps on the course without weighing your feet down but they come at an unbeatably low price too making them one of the best value options around. Today we’re bringing you a comprehensive review of these pioneering shoes so you can see why they’re taking over the world!

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes review

Nike Roshe golf shoes are the perfect combination of style and performance. They offer a lightweight, breathable mesh upper with a cork-wrapped midsole that provides cushioning and support during your round. The outsole features strategically placed traction lugs for ultimate grip on both turf and carpet surfaces. With its sleek silhouette, these shoes look as good off the course as they do when you’re teeing off.

The Nike Roshe golf shoes have been designed to provide maximum comfort on the course. The shoe’s lightweight construction is complemented by an engineered foam around the heel, providing superior cushioning and shock absorption with each step taken or shot played. The lace-up closure ensures a snug fit while keeping your feet secure. The upper part of the shoe is made from premium synthetic leather and offers superior durability and breathability, helping to keep your feet cool during those hot summer days on the golf course.

The Nike Roshe golf shoes provide excellent traction on any surface with their strategically placed traction lugs that are designed to grip turf or carpet surfaces. With a full-length flex grooves, you get maximum flexibility when taking shots or running between holes. These shoes also feature an internal bootie which provides a custom fit while providing additional support. For even more comfort, the lightweight mesh tongue wicks away sweat keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

The design of these shoes is sharp yet simple, making them perfect for both the golf course and a night out. The low profile silhouette looks stylish while the Flywire technology helps provide a secure fit that stays in place all day long. And with their water-resistant finish, you don’t have to worry about getting them wet or muddy on the green.

The Nike Roshe also comes with an OrthoLite sockliner which provides comfort and ventilation as well as cushioning for your feet. It is combined with Lunarlon foam midsole that provides superior cushioning and responsiveness when walking or running around the course. With these features, you won’t be exhausted after 18 holes of golf like you might be if wearing other shoes.

Overall, the Nike Roshe golf shoe has everything you need to keep your feet comfortable and supported when playing in any conditions. The upper is lightweight yet strong, and the sole grips to the ground for secure footing. There are also several color options available so you can find a style that best suits your own personal taste.

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe Mens CD6065-102 (White/Black-Pure Platinum), Size 7

In terms of stability, the Nike Roshe golf shoe provides excellent support for your entire foot. It has a thicker midsole that wraps around the heel and arch to provide more stability as you walk or swing. Additionally, the outsole contains signature traction lugs which help grip surfaces even in wet weather conditions.

The Nike Roshe Golf Shoes come with a reinforced toe guard for extra protection against wear and tear during long days on the course. The shoes also feature an integrated midfoot shank to improve energy transfer and provide optimal protection. Furthermore, the use of Flywire technology helps keep your feet secure and comfortable no matter how active you are on the course.

The shoes also have a one-piece mesh upper which provides breathability and comfort for your feet. The rubber outsole has been designed to be versatile so it can handle any type of course conditions without compromising performance.

In terms of aesthetics, the Nike Roshe Golf Shoes are quite attractive with their modern design elements. They come in a range of colors from classic black to bright pink, so there is something for everyone here. There is also an array of patterns available including geometric shapes, camo prints and stripes which give them a unique look and feel.

Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe Mens CD6065-002

The Nike Roshe Golf Shoes also offer excellent cushioning with the Phylon midsole which is lightweight and comfortable. The memory foam insole ensures that your feet are cushioned and supported throughout your round of golf, so you can stay focused on your game. The laces have been designed for a secure fit as well, so you will not have to worry about them coming undone during play.

The outsole of the shoe has also been designed with flexibility in mind as it has flex grooves throughout allowing for great traction on all types of surfaces. They provide good stability when playing, enabling you to maintain balance and control on every shot you take. The shoes are also waterproof, so if you find yourself playing in wet conditions, you can rest assured that your feet will stay dry.

The Nike Roshe Golf Shoes are made with a lightweight mesh upper that is breathable and provides great comfort. The midsole is composed of responsive foam that absorbs shock and gives support throughout your round. A Phylon foam heel makes up the cushioning system of the shoe and it works together with the rubber outsole to provide excellent grip while walking on any course.

Overall, these shoes offer an ideal combination of comfort and performance for any type of golfer. Their lightweight construction allows you to move freely around the golf course whilst still providing enough support and stability to keep your feet comfortable for long periods of time.

Are Nike Roshe golf shoes Spikeless?

The answer is yes! Nike Roshe golf shoes are designed with a spikeless outsole that provides excellent traction while allowing you to move naturally on the course. The sole has modified rubber lugs which provide great grip and stability, allowing you to make sharp turns while walking or running around the green.

The shoes also have a low profile design and lightweight construction so they’re comfortable during long rounds of golf. If you’re looking for quality spikeless golf shoes, Nike Roshe Golf Shoes are an excellent choice. They offer great performance and durability for both recreational and competitive players alike. So don’t forget to check them out when shopping for your next pair of golf shoes!

Are Nike Roshe comfortable?

The answer is a resounding yes! The Roshe has earned its reputation as one of the most comfortable sneaker options out there. They provide just the right amount of cushioning, while also being lightweight and breathable. Plus, they are incredibly stylish, so you can easily match them with any outfit.

Whether you’re running errands or hitting up the gym, these sneakers will ensure your feet stay comfortable all day long. And that’s why Nike Roshe are one of the top choices for everyday footwear. So go ahead and try them yourself – we promise you won’t regret it!

Do Roshes run big or small?

The answer isn’t clear-cut, as it will depend on how the shoe fits your foot. Generally speaking, Roshe shoes tend to be larger than Nike shoes so you may want to consider going a half size down if you plan to buy a pair.

If you’re unsure which size would fit best, then it’s best to try on both sizes and see which one is most comfortable. Ultimately, no two feet are alike and trying different sizes can help ensure that you get the perfect fit for your feet!

No matter what shoe style or brand you choose, knowing your own unique foot size and shape – along with experimenting with different sizes – will help you find the ideal fit for any situation!

Can you run in Nike Roshe?

While the Nike Roshe was not designed for running, its lightweight design and all-day comfort make it an ideal shoe for a variety of activities. It offers ample cushioning and stability to help keep your feet protected from the ground, making it suitable for light jogging or brisk walking.

The outsole also provides grip on multiple surfaces so you can stay steady during your workout. So while the Nike Roshe may not be specifically designed for running, its features do make it suitable for a range of activities that require minimal impact on your joints. With the right combination of cushioning and support, you’ll be able to take on any pathway in confidence with the Nike Roshe.

Are Nike Roshes good for walking?

Nike Roshes are lightweight, comfortable and stylish – making them an ideal choice for everyday walking. The mesh upper is breathable to keep your feet cool in warmer weather. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about socks as the shoe can be easily worn with or without them.

So when it comes time to hit the pavement, Nike Roshes are a great option! Their sleek design also makes them a fashionable addition to any outfit. With these features, it’s easy to see why Nike Roshes are good for walking. So why not take advantage of their versatility and use them for all your daily activities?

Can Nike Roshes go in the washing machine?

Absolutely! To ensure that your Roshes can handle the wash, there are a few steps you should take. First and foremost, always run the washer on a cold water, delicate cycle. This will help to protect the fabric of your shoes and make sure that they come out looking as good as new.

Additionally, be sure to remove both the laces and any removable insoles before putting them into the washing machine. Finally, use a mild detergent or stain remover like Oxyclean for best results. With these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble keeping those Nike Roshes squeaky clean!


These golf shoes are designed to provide the perfect balance of style and performance. The lightweight mesh upper provides breathability, while the cushioning foam midsole ensures maximum comfort while you’re out on the course.

Additionally, the rubber sole provides excellent traction so that you can make sure your feet stay firmly planted in all weather conditions. The sleek design is also stylish enough to wear off-course as well. Overall, these Nike Roshe Golf Shoes offer a great combination of looks and performance for any golfer. They are highly recommended!

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