How to Loosen Adidas Boa Golf Shoes?

How to Loosen Adidas Boa Golf Shoes?

Few things can be more frustrating during a round of golf than having uncomfortable shoes on. This can lead to distractions and make it difficult for you to stay focused while playing. Luckily, there’s an easy way to ensure your golf shoes are as comfortable as possible: tighten or loosen the Boa Golf Shoes by Adidas.

It’s simple and takes only a few seconds—and it could mean the difference between winning or losing that game! Read on for our quick guide on how you can adjust your Boa Golf Shoes by Adidas for maximum comfort and better focus so that you never have to put up with sore feet again.

How to Loosen Adidas Boa Golf Shoes?

Using the Boa dial to loosen your golf shoes is simple. All you need to do is rotate the dial counterclockwise. As you turn it, you’ll feel it loosening and releasing tension from the shoe. Continue rotating until you reach your desired level of comfort.

When you want to tighten your shoes again, simply rotate the dial clockwise until they fit snugly once more. Just remember that everybody has different levels of comfort when it comes to how tight their shoes are. It’s important to take some time and find the best fit for you before playing a round of golf with them on!

Adidas Boa golf shoes have a great advantage over other types of golf shoes in terms of ease of adjustment. Boa golf shoes only require a few turns of the dial to provide you with the perfect fit, so you don’t have to spend extra time worrying about having the right level of tightness. This makes them great for players who need to adjust their shoes mid-round or between rounds.

10 Tips:

1. Always purchase golf shoes that are slightly bigger than your normal shoe size.

2. Change in and out of your golf shoes from the back to avoid overstretching them.

3. Check if the laces at the top of your Adidas golf shoes are too tight or loose and adjust accordingly.

4. Consider using heel grips for a more comfortable fit if you find that your heels don’t stay securely in place during play.

5. Use an old soft toothbrush to gently scrub away any dirt buildup on the inside of your shoes which can cause discomfort when playing golf.

6. If you have Boa System Adidas golf shoes, use the dial mechanism to loosen or tighten them as needed throughout the day.

7. Spray an odor removal product inside your shoes to help keep them fresh and reduce the chances of sweating and discomfort while playing golf in hot conditions.

8. Use a shoe stretcher or tree insert at least once a month to maintain the shape of your shoes and prevent any unnecessary pain or soreness from occurring during play.

9. Place Adidas insoles into your golf shoes for added cushioning, support, and stability throughout the course.

10. Wear thin socks with your Adidas golf shoes for maximum comfort and performance on the green. This will also help avoid blisters that can develop from wearing thicker socks when playing in warmer weather conditions.

BOA Shoes lacing system problems

Can cause painful and uncomfortable feet. This can be caused by the lower laces being too tight, resulting in pressure points on the foot. Additionally, the lacing system can become loose or unevenly tightened over time, causing your shoes to not fit properly anymore.

To prevent these issues, you should check that all of your laces are properly secured and evenly distributed at least once a week and make sure that you don’t pull them too hard when you tie them. If needed, adjust your lacing system to ensure a comfortable yet secure fit for your feet.

Also, consider replacing any worn out parts on the lacing system periodically to keep it from becoming faulty or unraveling. Lastly, try not to over-tighten the laces as this can cause the leather to stretch out, resulting in an uncomfortable fit.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your BOA Shoes lacing system will continue to provide a secure and comfortable fit for all of your outdoor activities.

With proper care, your shoes will be sure to last you many years. So don’t forget to take a few moments each week to check on your laces and make any necessary adjustments! That way, you’ll be sure to enjoy the utmost comfort from your BOA Shoes every time you put them on.


Adidas Boa golf shoes are one of the most comfortable and supportive pairs of golf shoes on the market. These shoes feature a special lacing system that allows you to customize the fit for your feet. The problem is, these shoes can sometimes become too tight, making it difficult to walk or play a round of golf in them. Fortunately, there is an easy way to loosen Adidas Boa Golf Shoes so you can find the perfect fit every time!

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate the small dial located at the back of each shoe. This dial is used to adjust the level of tension in the laces, allowing you to make quick adjustments without having to unbuckle or tie laces. Once you’ve located the dial, simply use your index finger to turn it counterclockwise until the laces become looser. This should only take a few turns and you can always re-tighten them if necessary.

Next, remove the tongue of each shoe by unclipping the lace loops from their respective eyelets. Once removed, gently pull on either side of the tongue in order to loosen any additional tension that may be present. Finally, insert your foot into each shoe and make sure they’re comfortable before clipping the laces back together and turning the dial clockwise.

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