Does On Cloud make Golf Shoes?

Does On Cloud make Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are an integral piece of a golfer’s arsenal. From providing stability and comfort to helping with spin control, a good quality pair of golf shoes can make all the difference when it comes to your performance on the course.

So if you’re looking for a stylish yet dependable shoe that won’t break the bank, you may be wondering if on Cloud has what you need. In this blog post, we’ll cover the features of their golf shoes, address any questions about sizing or durability, and discuss whether they’re worth considering as an option for transitioning from other types of footwear onto (and off) the golf course.

Does on Cloud make Golf Shoes?

No, On Cloud does not make golf shoes. On Cloud specializes in running and lifestyle footwear for men and women. The company’s innovative sole technology and lightweight construction provide unparalleled comfort to runners of all levels. Whether you’re looking for a training shoe, competition shoe, or a casual everyday sneaker, On Cloud has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a new pair of golf shoes, we recommend checking out other brands that specialize in golf footwear!

10 Differences between On Cloud shoes and golf shoes

1. On Cloud shoes are designed to provide cushioning and support for running, while golf shoes are designed to help the golfer maintain balance and traction.

2. On Clouds have a soft foam midsole that’s lightweight and more flexible than traditional EVA midsoles found in golf shoes.

3. On Clouds feature air-filled cushioning pods for increased comfort, whereas traditional golf shoes rely on stiffer internal supports for stability.

4. On Cloud’s unique lacing system adds extra security without feeling restrictive, whereas most golf shoes require securely lacing up for optimal performance.

5. Golf shoes often have removable spikes or cleats that offer better traction in wet grass, and some models even have winterized outsoles for extreme weather conditions. On Clouds have rubber outsoles, which provide good traction but may not be as suitable for wet or slippery conditions.

6. On Cloud shoes are designed with a larger toe box than traditional golf shoes to help minimize foot fatigue and reduce blisters, whereas traditional golf shoes usually have a more snug fit in the toe area.

ON Running Mens Cloudstratus Textile Synthetic Trainers

7. On Clouds feature breathable uppers that allow your feet to stay cool during play, while most golf shoes use thicker leather or synthetic materials that can cause overheating or discomfort in warm weather.

8. Golf shoes typically offer extra support in the heel and arch areas for stability during swings, while On Clouds tend to be much lighter and less supportive in these areas due to the design of their one-piece upper.

9. On Cloud shoes are designed with a flexible, multi-directional sole for maximum mobility; golf shoes typically have a stiffer sole that is better suited for grip and stability on the course.

10. On Clouds feature a Zero Gravity foam midsole designed to absorb impact and cushion your feet while playing, whereas most golf shoes offer less cushioning due to the need for firmer support when planting your feet during swings.

Who is On Cloud shoes made by?

On Cloud shoes are designed and manufactured by On Running, a Swiss company founded by former Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard in partnership with David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. The company was created to provide athletes with shoes specifically designed to maximize their performance and comfort while running.

The first product released in 2012 was the Cloudracer, which became an instant hit among professional triathletes like London 2012 Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig. Since then, On has expanded its footwear range to encompass a variety of different sports styles for both men and women, as well as introducing a line of apparel and accessories for running enthusiasts.

By combining innovative cushioning technology with superior levels of grip and responsiveness, On Cloud shoes offer athletes superior performance on any terrain, whether it’s a track, road or trail.

With their light weight and stylish design, On Cloud shoes are ideal for runners who want to look good while performing at their best. Created with the ultimate athletic performance in mind, On Cloud shoes provide all athletes with an edge over their competition.

Whether you’re competing professionally or just running for fun, On has the shoes to help you get the most out of your training. As well as offering style and comfort on the move, On Cloud shoes also come with a satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t love them within 30 days of purchase, they’ll give you your money back!

Through its innovative products and commitment to customer satisfaction, On is proving that when it comes to performance and style, there’s no need to compromise. That’s why On Cloud shoes are the perfect choice for athletes who want to look good while performing at their best.

ON Women's Cloud Sneakers

What does the symbol on On Cloud sneakers mean?

The symbol on the On Cloud sneakers does more than just represent the brand name. It encapsulates their mission: to create a revolutionary running experience that feels like you’re running on clouds. The “o” and “n” of the logo represent two things that are fundamental to this experience: Optimal Neutrality & Natural Running Dynamics.

Optimal Neutrality stands for achieving optimal performance without sacrificing comfort, while Natural Running Dynamics provides natural-feeling movement and a secure fit in all conditions. Together, these features make up the unique “On Experience” that makes On Cloud shoes so special. They provide wearers with exceptional cushioning and support throughout their run, allowing them to go further and faster than ever before.

The On logo is a visual representation of the unique experience that On Cloud shoes provide to runners. Its simple design captures the essence of running on clouds, and encapsulates the commitment to providing an optimal combination of comfort and performance for all runners. From the lightweight design to its outstanding cushioning, there’s no doubt that you’ll be running on air with these amazing shoes!

So next time you see an “On” logo, remember it stands for Optimal Neutrality & Natural Running Dynamics – two things that make up the superior running experience offered by On Cloud shoes. With this symbol, wearers can trust that they are getting some of the best athletic gear available for their feet, and will be able to take on any terrain with a smile!

The On logo is reminder that you can trust the quality and style of these shoes, no matter where your journey takes you. So jump into a pair today and experience what it truly means to run on clouds!

No matter where life takes you, feel confident knowing that On Cloud sneakers have got your back – running comfortably on air! With the iconic On logo proudly displayed on each shoe, wearer’s are sure to stand out in style. And, more importantly, be assured they’re wearing one of the best athletic gear available for all runners.

Trust in On – because when it comes to performance and comfort combined, there’s no better choice. So let your feet take you on a journey like never before – and don’t forget to bring along your On Cloud sneakers! They will allow you to live each moment as though you are running on air – the perfect way to make any journey more enjoyable.

Make sure you have the gear that will help keep up with all your adventures – be it a run around the block or an epic trek across mountains and deserts. With On Cloud sneakers, it doesn’t matter where life takes you, just know that these shoes are always there for you to depend on for style and performance. Jump into a pair today, and experience what it truly means to run on clouds!

Are On Cloud shoes good for sports?

On Cloud shoes are designed to provide superior cushioning and shock absorption for runners, allowing athletes to stay comfortable even on long runs. The lightweight construction minimizes fatigue and gives a great fit, making it ideal for running. The unique sole design also creates excellent grip and traction, providing increased stability during agility drills or changing directions quickly.

Additionally, On Cloud shoes have added arch support for improved biomechanics, helping to reduce the strain on your joints while running or doing other sports activities. All in all, these shoes are perfect for sports that require dynamic movement or high-impact activity like running and jumping.

They provide superior comfort and support while keeping you light on your feet so you can perform at your best. So if you want a reliable performance shoe that’s comfortable, lightweight, and supportive at the same time, On Cloud shoes are definitely worth considering.

What shoes are comparable to On Cloud?

There are other shoe brands that offer similar features and models as On Cloud. Hoka One One has become increasingly popular amongst runners of all kinds, from newbies to Ultramarathoners to those with flat or high arched feet.

The brand offers a variety of shoes for every athlete’s needs, many of which are comparable to On Cloud in terms of comfort, cushioning, support, and durability. Altra is another great option for those looking for a lightweight and supportive running shoe.

Their Zero Drop Footwear Technology provides natural foot positioning with extra cushioning and shock absorption. Vibram FiveFingers offer an incredibly unique design that allows your feet to move naturally while still providing excellent traction and grip on various surfaces. Finally, New Balance has a fantastic selection of shoes that are great for long-distance runners and those with flat or high arched feet.

The brand’s Fresh Foam technology gives superior cushioning and support to keep feet comfortable mile after mile. No matter what kind of running shoe you need, there is something out there for everyone and On Cloud, Hoka One One, Altra, Vibram FiveFingers, and New Balance all offer quality footwear options.

When did On Cloud shoes become popular?

On Cloud shoes gained popularity almost instantly after their launch in 2014. The unique design and technology, combined with positive feedback from athletes, quickly made the Cloud a standout in the athletic footwear industry.

By 2018, it had become one of the world’s most popular running shoes – and had earned recognition from professional athletes, winning awards such as gold at ISPO.

Today, On Cloud shoes are worn by millions of active people around the globe – offering them comfortable cushioning and reliable performance for all kinds of activities. Whether you’re taking on an obstacle course, training for a marathon or just enjoying a casual stroll in your neighborhood park, On Cloud is the perfect companion. With its versatile design and advanced features, it’s

no wonder that On Cloud shoes have become such a hit. So, the next time you’re looking for an athletic shoe that offers both style and performance, look no further than On Cloud – and join the millions of active people around the world who trust their feet to this iconic brand.

Can On Cloud shoes get wet?

Yes, On Cloud Waterproof shoes are designed to keep your feet dry and warm during those wet and cold winter months. The upper of the shoe is made from a waterproof material that will not allow water in and also helps to keep your feet warm.

While being waterproof does mean that the upper is not as breathable as regular On Cloud shoes, it also provides reliable protection from rain, snow or other moisture in the air. Whether you’re running through puddles or just dealing with a drizzly day, you can depend on your On Cloud Waterproof shoes to provide you with dry comfort all day long!

What are On Cloud shoes known for?

On Cloud shoes are renowned for their superior cushioning and support. The revolutionary Swiss engineering that the brand is based on creates an extremely responsive sole unit, providing maximum energy return with every step.

The unique Clouds elements also provide a natural, dynamic feel while running or walking, adapting to each individual’s foot shape and absorbing shock from impact.

Additionally, On Clouds have an engineered mesh upper that offers superior breathability and lightweight performance. With this combination of features, it’s no wonder why On Cloud shoes are so popular among runners and other athletes seeking a comfortable yet high-performance shoe!

Are on Clouds shoes good for foot pain?

The answer is yes, On Clouds shoes can be great for relieving foot pain. These shoes feature an innovative cushioning system designed to absorb shock and provide superior comfort. The cushioned sole also offers arch support to reduce strain in your feet and ankles.

With their adaptable lacing system, you can adjust the fit of the shoe so that it fits snugly around your feet, ensuring optimal support and stability while you move. Additionally, they are made with lightweight materials that won’t weigh down your feet or cause extra strain on them throughout the day. All these features combined make On Clouds shoes a great option for individuals suffering from foot pain.

ON Men's Cloud 5 Sneakers

Whether you’re running errands or going for a leisurely walk, On Cloud’s shoes will help keep your feet comfortable and supported. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can find the perfect match for your look. So don’t let foot pain stop you from living life to the fullest – On Clouds shoes could be just what you need!

Overall, On Cloud’s shoes are well-known for their superior comfort features that help reduce foot pain. They provide arch support, adjustable lacing systems, and lightweight materials that won’t weigh down your feet or cause extra strain on them throughout the day.

With a variety of colors and styles available, it’s easy to find a pair of On Clouds shoes that will look great while still offering great support and comfort. So if you suffer from foot pain, give On Clouds shoes a try. You’ll be surprised how much better your feet will feel!


Unfortunately, the answer is no. On Cloud specializes in running shoes and active wear. Their shoes are designed to provide superior cushioning and support while helping you move quickly and efficiently. While their products are ideal for running, they are not suitable for a sport like golf where maximum stability is required. For those looking to up their game on the fairway, On Cloud does not offer an appropriate solution.

However, if you’re someone who enjoys getting out on the course after your run or jog, On Cloud offers a variety of apparel that will keep you comfortable during your round. From moisture-wicking polo shirts to lightweight shorts and jackets, there is something for everyone in their line of performance gear. So even if On Cloud doesn’t make the perfect golf shoes for your game, you can still show up in style!

Remember that whatever activity you’re doing, On Cloud has something to help you stay comfortable and look good while pushing yourself. Whether you’re hitting the track, hitting the fairway or both, they have a solution to take your performance to the next level.

With their innovative technology and stylish apparel, there’s no doubt why On Cloud is one of today’s leading sports brands. From running shoes to golf attire, they have everything you need to get out and go!

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