Best golf apps

Best golf apps

Golfers are a passionate group of people. Golfing is an expensive pastime, and many golfers want to improve their game without having to pay for lessons or equipment. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose which app might work best for you. We have compiled a list of the best golf apps that will help you in your quest for better golfing skills.

If you’re a golfer or know someone who is, these golf apps will make your game better and more enjoyable. From keeping score to mapping courses, there’s an app for that!

Looking for the best golf apps to help you improve your game? Check out these 5 top rated golf apps.

A list of best golf apps

V1 Golf app

Ever been playing golf and you don’t know what club to use?
That is the question that the V1 Golf app has attempted to answer. This app includes data from over 25,000 courses worldwide. It also uses GPS positioning so it can show a map of your location as well as which clubs are available on each hole.

How often do you wish that your golf game was better? You might not be the best golfer in the world, but with V1 Golf app on your smartphone, you can make it seem like you are.

Golf Channel Academy

It’s no secret that golf is a difficult game. It requires concentration, skill, and patience. But there’s an app for that! The Golf Channel Academy app has been developed to help you learn more about the sport of golf in all its facets: from mastering your swing to understanding the rules of the game.

The Golf Channel Academy app has been designed to teach the fundamentals of golf and improve players’ skills. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, which allows it to be used by a larger audience than just those who own an iPhone or iPad.

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Have you been looking for an app to improve your golf game? Well, look no further! Edufii is a fun and interactive golf application that helps you learn the basics of golf from the comfort of your own home.
Edufii offers three main courses: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Basic course has 27 videos that teach everything from how to grip the club and swing it back to understanding how wind affects shot trajectory.

The Intermediate course includes 19 lessons on everything from putting strategies to green reading (which tells you where the ball will roll after impact). And lastly, there’s an Advanced course with 13 video lessons focusing on mastering your short game skills (putting close-to-the-hole shots) as well.

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Golf Coach by Dr Noel Rousseau 

Dr. Noel Rousseau is a golf coach who offers high-quality, one-on-one training to help you improve your game and get the most out of your time on the course.
He can teach you how to play better by teaching you proper technique, helping build up muscle memory so that it becomes second nature, and giving tips to make sure that you are practicing correctly at home.
Dr. Rousseau has been coaching for more than 20 years and he has helped many people learn about golf in a way they could not have otherwise learned on their own. He will work with all levels of players from beginners to pros looking for new ways to improve their scores!

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Golf GPS & Scorecard

Golf GPS lets you see the course map in real time, and also use your phone as a golf scorecard. There are many golf GPS apps available on the App Store and Google Play that have varying features.


The golflogix app is an easy-to-use and convenient golf GPS that will help you find your way around the course. It provides accurate distances to hazards on the hole, layup points, fairways, and greens. You can also see all of these distances in meters or yards if desired. The golflogix app has a digital scorecard where you can save up to four rounds at once so you don’t have to enter scores manually every time!

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t golf. However, this app is still really cool and worth mentioning. Golflogix has a lot of potential for people who do play golf because it’s an easy-to-use GPS system that tracks your game by measuring the distance between shots and calculating statistics such as par or average score per hole.

It also allows users to create their own course maps, measure distances from point A to point B on the map, set reminders for personal challenges (such as making 30 consecutive putts), track handicaps, and analyze swings using video footage.

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Golfshake is the ultimate golf app. If you’re looking to find a course, get reminders for tee times, or even just receive notifications when it’s your turn in a round of golf this app is for you! With more than 40 000 courses available worldwide and over 20 million rounds played monthly this app is perfect for any golfer.

Golfshake is a golf app that has been designed to help you find the best courses nearby. It also helps you book tee times and scorecards right from your phone!

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Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

If you’re a golf enthusiast and want to track your handicap, then the Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker app is for you. The app makes it easy to keep track of all the key metrics that are necessary for calculating your handicap index such as par scores, putts per round, and driving distance. With this information at hand in an accessible format, golfers can analyze their game on a regular basis with the goal of improving their performance and achieving lower handicaps.

The Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker app is the perfect way to track your golf handicap. It lets you keep track of scores, and calculates a handicap index for you as well.
If you are interested in maintaining an accurate golf handicap or calculating one yourself, download the Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker app today!

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The SGU HandicAPP is a free app for people with disabilities that has the potential to change lives. It’s designed to make it easier for handicapped individuals to find and use public transportation, parks, restaurants, stores, and more close by.

The SGU HandicAPP is a free app for iOS and Android that helps people with disabilities navigate the world. The app includes detailed information on accessibility features at locations like restaurants, bars, hotels, cinemas or theaters. It also provides push notifications about upcoming events in your area related to disability awareness.

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Golf Handicap Tracker – Track Unlimited Rounds

Most golfers know that it takes many rounds of the game to become a better player. But, what about those days when they don’t have time for 18 holes? The Golf Handicap Tracker – Track Unlimited Rounds app is designed for them. All they need to do is enter their score after each round and the app will track their handicaps automatically. This way, players can keep up with their progress in between rounds without having to worry about complicated math or charts!

The app is a simple way to track your handicap score and keep up with the latest golf news. You can also compare scores with friends if they have an account too!

 FC Golf Handicap

FC Golf Handicap app is a new, free golf handicap tracking app. It’s easy to use and has many features that will help you keep track of your scores every time you hit the links!

FC Golf is the best golf handicap app. It’s as simple as that. No other golf handicapping apps are able to offer you as many features and benefits for your game, from scoring your rounds to giving you a real-time GPS yardage to the hole, FC Golf has it all!

Instant Golf Handicap

Do you play golf? Do you want to get better at it? Are you looking for a way to improve your game without having to spend all of that time and money on lessons? If so, then the Instant Golf Handicap app is for you.

I am going to show you how to quickly find your handicap with the help of this app. It’s called Instant Golf Handicap and it can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Google Play Store. The app takes into account not only your average score but also some other factors such as course difficulty, a number of rounds played, etc. So if you want to know how good a golfer you are in comparison with others, download this great app!

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Golf Nearby

We all know golf is a good way to stay in shape and have fun with friends. But what happens when you find yourself without clubs, or at the wrong course?
Golf Nearby app will help you find your nearest course, as well as provide information on tee times, price ranges, reviews, and more!

I think most of us can agree that golf is a fun and enjoyable sport. It has been around for centuries, and it’s now making a comeback with the younger generation as well. But where should you go to play? The app Golf Nearby will help by giving you directions to nearby courses.

My Golf Caddy – Course Finder

I’m an avid golfer, and I’ve been playing for years. But I have a confession to make – sometimes I get so busy with work that I forget about golf. It’s hard to keep up my game if you don’t practice all the time.
The best way for me to find new courses is by using the Course Finder app from Golf Caddy! This app will show you courses near your current location and rank them based on difficulty level, amenities, customer reviews, and more. You can also filter by date or type of course (public/private).
Course Finder has saved me hours of searching online or in magazines because now it’s just one click away!
If so, then download our Course Finder app that will help you find golf courses. You can search by city or zip code and set your preferences for such things as budget, difficulty level, and even whether it is a public course or private club. The map feature makes it easy to see where all of the courses are in relation to each other. It also allows you to save favorites for quick access later on!

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