Advantages of an Upright Golf Swing and How to Perfect Yours

Advantages of an Upright Golf Swing and How to Perfect Yours

The golf swing is a notoriously difficult task to master. It’s not just the technique that needs to be honed, but also the mental side of it all. What are some tips for beginners looking to perfect an upright golf swing?
Since there are so many different types of golf swings, I will focus on one in particular: an upright golf swing (sometimes called a three-quarter backswing).

Here are 3 advantages of this type of move and how you can perfect yours.
1) Allows for more power due to less interference from your arms;

2) More consistency with both short and long distance shots;

3) Higher ball trajectory leads to better accuracy and control over where your shot lands;

The most common type of golf swing is the upright golf swing, but not everyone uses it correctly. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing what makes an upright swing better and how to perfect yours.
In case you’re not aware, there are two main types of swings in golf: the “upright” or “over-the-top” swing and the “semi-circular” or reverse pivot technique. The first one is popular because it provides more power during your backswing while still keeping control over the ball during your downswing. It’s also easier on your joints as well as giving you better balance throughout the whole motion.

Advantages of an Upright Golf Swing

  1. The upright golf swing is a more natural way to hit the ball
  2. It’s easier for beginners because it doesn’t require as much strength
  3. It provides better balance and stability
  4. Upright swings are less likely to slice or hook, meaning they’re more accurate
  5. They can also be used by players of all skill levels, from beginners to pros
  6. The upright golf swing has been proven to generate more power than other types of swings

Disadvantages of Upright Golf Swing

  1. Upright golf swing is less forgiving than a traditional golf swing
  2. Upright golf swing is more difficult to learn and master
  3. Upright golf swing can lead to injury for people with back problems
  4. Golfers using an upright golfer may not be able to hit the ball as far or high as they would like
  5. Less experienced players will find it harder to control their shots when using an upright golfer
  6. An upright golfer’s slower pace means that other players on the course are waiting longer, which can cause frustration and anger from other players on the course


An upright swing is an old school golf stance in which the player stands upright, with their weight on their left foot, and uses a club that they hold in both hands.

This style of holding your golf club is easier for many people because it allows them to look down at the ball while still using their arms for power. It also offers some protection from wind gusts since you are not exposing your body to them directly.


  1. The golf swing is a complicated process that has many different parts
  2. A good golf swing starts with the grip, which should be firm and in control
  3. The next step is to set your stance – it should be comfortable, but not too wide or narrow
  4. Now you are ready for the takeaway – this is where you pull the club back away from the ball
  5. Next, make sure to keep your head still while swinging through contact with the ball 6. Follow-through is important because it helps develop momentum and power behind each shot

Why do I need a Upright Golf Swing?

The Upright Golf Swing is one of the biggest keys in the game. Its what prepares you for great impact which is needed for just about anything in golf. It can be hard to hold off on this question but I’ll give you a few tips that may help such as checking with your golf instructor, elbow and shoulder alignment, swing height, weight transfer and head angle position.

Ideally we want that club shaft to be close to vertical right through impact – not doing so takes tremendous pressure off the arms and shoulders and it’s much more natural too. But there’s a whole list of things we need aligned before we get there – like an upright spine (or set up posture), bellies open.

An aspect of golf instruction is to teach a player how to use their body as a single unit, with everything moving in harmony toward the target. Upright posture is key because many golfers have a tendency to slump forward on their downswing.

Upright posture will place one’s head over the ball more naturally and help avoid incorrect head motion down on the backswing or through impact for those who have lost muscle flexibility from injury or aging.
In an upright position, those with some stretching limitations can more easily hinge at their hips up onto their right foot before they start bringing it under the left leg as they turn toward address.

How to create an upright golf swing?

A lawn care specialist, similar to a golf pro, is your best option. Keep in mind that closely following the appropriate backswing does not always lead to an improved beneficial outcome, so you must consider methods of how to create an upright golf swing that are more customized based on factors such as body size and flexibility.

Some typical considerations for customizing the method of how to create an upright golf swing are discussed briefly below. The information in this article is offered without any warranty or guarantee whatsoever. That being said, these tips may prove useful when considering different options for improving one’s golf game all while trying to improve one’s health at the same time!

To learn how to create an upright golf swing, start by holding the club comfortably like it’s your little friend. Step forward with your left foot and shift your hips to the right. Now grab the club with both hands; this will be enough for now if you’re first starting out.

To stop overarming during a putt, remember that gravity is always working on you, which means that heavy pressure on too light of a grip equals an easy miss. Make sure you have a nice firm grip on the putter so that when you release all of your muscles for the stroke, it feels comfortable again.

The benefits of having an upright golf swing:

  1. An upright golf swing will help you to hit the ball straighter
  2. An upright golf swing will help your body stay in a better position
  3. It is easier to keep your balance with an upright stance
  4. You can generate more club head speed with an upright stance
  5. Your hands and arms are closer together, which improves accuracy and control of the shot
  6. By keeping your weight on the inside of your feet, you’ll be able to produce a longer, smoother backswing


How do I improve my upright golf swing?

Start with a few stretching exercises to get your body limber and relaxed. Begin by taking a long deep breath in and then holding it for a count of five. Release the breath slowly through the mouth while sitting straight up on a chair or on the floor with your knees apart.

You should feel some tension leave your neck, shoulders, chest, back and stomach muscles as you release the air from them into this exercise. Repeat three times every day–a yoga mat is not necessary for this part of our golf warm-up routine! Now we’ll move onto weight-bearing exercises that make use of different muscle groups to start loosening up those thighs and lower back too.

How can I improve my vertical swing?

A lot of people forget that they have a moving center of mass, so the most important thing is to move with your center of gravity. When you hit the ball, raise your head and body up. As soon as it hits the court again, you should be in a ready position in preparation for your next swing or placement.

This takes a lot of work to feel fluid in this movement, but when done properly one will find that their stitches are strong and they have gained more elevation on their shots. Read “Wooden on Basketball” by John Wooden to learn more about his philosophy on the vertical attack!

Can you be too upright in golf swing?

It can feel a little “off,” but it’s unlikely to have any beneficial effect from being too upright. In the step by step golf swing primer, you’ll see that there is almost no further horizontal movement of the club after the backswing has been completed.

Being too upright in the backswing might result in an early release or a shorter follow-through on your downswing which could reduce power and accuracy, but it’s going to be tough for me to know if that was the case without seeing a video of what you’re doing or having someone observe your technique while they play shots alongside you.

How do I make my golf swing perfect?

Try these steps:

  1. Practice your swing indoors on a mat until you get the hang of it.
  2. Get some live feedback from more experienced golfers by joining a club and hitting golf balls with them—many will help you with your form for free or for a small fee, which is worth every penny in terms of improving your game over time
  3. Practice outdoors when the weather permits. You’ll need to take into account longer grass, wind conditions, and other factors that impact how far the ball will go! Be sure to keep these factors in mind when practicing inside as well, so you’re developing good habits from the beginning.

Is upright golf swing better?

Upright golf swing is not better or worse than the reverse; they’re just different. The upright swing also produces more power and features a bigger arc. A loose grip with tension on the club and head during the backswing, wrist release at the top of backswing, release through impact with no up-and-down movement of clubhead, provide more control and accuracy.

Reverse swing makes contact lower on ball for greater distance because it holds palm open as though hitting for topspin on tennis ball (creating drag). But some players like shortening their follow through with arm finishing high because it seems to produce heights slices less often.

Is a flatter golf swing better?

No, not always. It depends on the golfer’s height and speed.

There are two main types of golf swings, which are categorized by their continuity with the ground plane. The classic swing known as “stitch-and-hit” swings the club behind the ball to make contact with it at a steeper angle than modern or “flat” swings.

Golfers may use both throughout their careers depending on preference or need. Flatter swings depend heavily upon quick hands that accelerate through impact, which is why shorter players tend to use them more often than taller players who use more loftier angles for different reasons than just personal preference!

How upright should my golf stance be?

How upright your golf stance is will depend on the golfer’s height. One can download an app that will show you what number of inches is the best for your height.
However, one should also consider their flexibility, swing plane and contact point with the ball before deciding on this metric.
To find out how flexible you are, do a hamstring stretch by standing with feet flat-footed together and holding onto one leg (use opposite hand for better leverage) while pulling it up towards the buttock region; repeat for other side to get results. Swing planes can be determined by watching videos of pro players doing different shots.

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